Adopt Pie It Forward in Ann Arbor

Dear pie fans, since the end of March we’ve been getting increasingly restless. We miss Liberty Plaza! We want to get back out there and serve our friends, but week after week we run into obstacles. It looks like the weather is finally going to cooperate with us, but we’re still missing a crucial ingredient – a kitchen.


Chris and I live in Ypsilanti now, and while there are many wonderful things about our new residence – low rent, included utilities, great housemates – the kitchen is just not up to the challenge of making dozens of pies in one day.  It’s a little on the small side, and it’s crowded – 5 people live in this house and use the kitchen daily.


So we’re asking our wonderful fans – can you help us out? We’ve refined our methods and timed our baking – from the first batch of homemade pie crust to taking the last pie out of the oven is about 4 hours. If you could lend us your kitchen from 1 pm to 5 pm on Wednesday, either once or on an ongoing basis, we could get back to Liberty Plaza at long last!  And of course, we’ll make a pie just for you!


Thanks pie fans! Please send any questions or offers to

Pie It Forward goes to Flint

A few weeks ago I sent out a flurry of emails and tweets to various organizations and people in Flint. I had just had yet another negative interaction with someone who felt the city of Flint was too dangerous. Too dangerous for what? Too dangerous to live in? Too dangerous to give away pie in? I have no idea.  I personally don’t believe that anywhere is too dangerous for pie, and my closing remarks were something like “If I wasn’t so committed to maintaining a family friendly image, I would give pie away in the nude just to prove you wrong.”


Long story short, there will NOT be any nude pie giveaways (food safety regulations and so forth). But there WILL be pie in Flint! I met with three lovely people today who all were brought together by the power of Twitter to hear my story. Sue of Diplomat, and Lorraine and Dallas of Carriage Town Ministries, invited me up for lunch so I could talk about the possibility of giving away pie in Flint.  We got along so well that Lorraine scheduled a Pie It Forward event for May 13th, where we will take over CTM’s industrial kitchen and bake for 100 people! Our biggest crowd ever!


Chris and I are both very excited to expand our reach within our home state, and to learn more about a city that has a lot of naysayers.  Obviously the naysayers have never met Sue or Lorraine or Dallas!


This will be a closed event, for the residents and staff of CTM, but it will pave the path for open events in the future.  If you know of a nice open area in Flint, a park or some other public setting, that is currently suffering from a lack of pie, please email us!


In the meantime, please go learn about our new friends over at Carriage Town Ministries.

Thank you Alpha House!

Saturday night’s event at Alpha House was a hit!  We got an email back from staff member Kathy, who quoted a resident who said our shepherds pies, lentil soup, and apple pies were the best meal they’d eaten at Alpha House!  I give credit to staff member Dan, who found vanilla ice cream to go with the apple pies.  Chris and I really enjoyed spending Saturday with the residents, staff, and interns, and we’re sure we’ll be back later in the pie season.



There’s staff member Dan on the left, helping us show off a completed apple pie. Thanks again for having us, Alpha House!


You can help Alpha House in their mission to shelter and support families experiencing homelessness, too! Check out their website –

Second Event – Cooking with Alpha House

2014 is off to a great start! We’ve already booked our second event.  On March 29th, a Saturday, we’ll be making dinner for the residents and staff of Alpha House, a local shelter for families with children.  Please take a look at their website and learn more about the valuable work they do in Washtenaw County.


We have not forgotten about Liberty Plaza! I keep looking at the weather, and I was hoping we’d get out there this Wednesday, but it’s still just too cold. It’s very frustrating to sit outdoors for two hours while the food gets cold and no one comes by to eat it.  We will keep looking for indoor venues until Spring takes hold.


To that end, if any of our wonderful pie fans have suggestions of organizations in south-east Michigan, especially Flint and Detroit, we would love to hear about them.  Please email any leads to and thank you for helping us pie it forward!

Thank You Neutral Zone!

We had a fantastic time at tonight’s event at Ann Arbor’s Neutral Zone!  We arrived at 2 pm and dove right into prepping the shepherds pies, apple pies, and vegan tomato lentil soup.  The teens and volunteers played trivia games that ended with one of the staff and one of the teens squaring off in a whipped cream pie showdown!  And most importantly, every slice of pie was eagerly gobbled up.


We were really impressed with the programs offered at the Neutral Zone. Art classes, recording studios, even a publishing house, they have it all.  And they seemed equally impressed with our mission, so hopefully there will be more delicious team ups in the future!





Countdown to our Season Opener!

We’re less than 24 hours away from our first event of 2014, and we could not be more excited! We’ll be at Ann Arbor’s Neutral Zone, a teen resource center, on Thursday afternoon, baking up shepherds pies and apple pies for approximately 40 teens and volunteers.  Chris and I just got back from picking up all of the ingredients at Costco and Meijer. I must admit, I’m already looking forward to fall, when we can buy apples right from the orchard again!


Here’s to a great 2014, pie fans! See you out there!

First Event of the Season!

Hooray for pie!  Hooray for spring!  I just got off the phone with the fine folks over at Neutral Zone, a teen resource center in Ann Arbor. We’re going to be baking with them on March 20th, a Thursday.  Since we’re guests in their space, I’m not quite sure who’s invited and who’s not, but it seems safe to say that if you’re a teen in the Ann Arbor area, you should stop on by!


Here is the Neutral Zone’s website –


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