Donations will be used to cover legal fees, purchase ingredients, fuel, and saved towards the eventual donation-model cafe.



Added on 5/18/2014: If I could make one far out fantastic wish for Pie It Forward, it would be for a used SUV or mini van from year 2000 or newer.  Currently we have the giant truck with the camper, which is terrible on gas and can’t be easily parked anywhere, and we have Chris’s 18 year old car with no radio, unreliable locks, one non-rolling window, a broken passenger seat, no heat and no air conditioning. We really need a vehicle with more cargo room than our little sedan, but more nimble than the truck.


My semi-realistic wish would be a Ford Explorer. Chris and I have each owned a 1996 Explorer, and I had a 1997 also. We know what to expect out of them. They’re hardy and easy-ish to maintain.


My totally outrageous wish would be a Subaru Outback. I’ve test driven a few Subaru products and always liked them. I admit that my fondness for Subarus might be influenced by their commercials during Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl every year.


If you would like to donate us a vehicle, or heck even sell us one for monthly payments of $75 and an apple pie from now until the end of time, please email and thank you.

22 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Hi Sarah- We met you at the truck stop in Meridian,Ms. I was the one that was helping with Honey. I am so happy your comrades allowed Honey to join you on your trip. Thanks for spreading kindness along the way. I will continue to follow you and your journey. Thanks for making a difference! Lori

  2. How can I help?…Not sure I can make it to downtown Ashevile tonight.
    Did you set up a PayPal account…or are you close to a place that has Western Union?
    I’m in Horse Shoe…Are you close by?

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