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From March to September 2013, we toured the following cities:

1.  San Francisco, CA (March 20)

2.  Portland, OR (March 27)

3.  Seattle, WA (April 3)

4.  Spokane WA (April 10)

5.  Boulder, CO (April 24)

6.  Denver CO (April 26)

7.  Topeka KS (May 1)

8.  Omaha, NE (May 8)

9.  Minneapolis, MN (May 15)

10.  Grand Marais, MN (May 19)

11.  Madison, WI (May 22)

12.  Chicago, IL (May 29)

BRIEF STOP IN MICHIGAN: We plan on seeing our builder and getting a few things checked on. There might be time for a couple of events in Michigan too!

13. Ann Arbor MI

14.  Cincinatti, OH (June 12)

15.  Louisville, KY (June 15)

16.  Nashville, TN (June 19)

17.  Memphis, TN (June 22)

Little Rock, ARK (June 26) CANCELLED

18.  Oklahoma City, OK (June 29)

Dallas, TX (July 3) CANCELLED, no host

19.  Austin, TX (July 6)

20.  Houston TX (July 10)

21.  New Orleans, LA (July 13)

22.  Birmingham AL (July 17)

23.  Atlanta GA (July 20)

24.  Atlanta round 2 (July 28)

25.  Atlanta round 3 (July 29)

26.  Atlanta round 4 (Aug 1)

27.  Athens GA (Aug 3)

28.  Asheville NC (Aug 6)

29. Concord NC (Aug 9)

30.  Raleigh, NC (Aug 14)

31.  Richmond, VA (Aug 17) (Pie total 210, served total 1470)

32. Washington DC (Aug 21) (Pie total 220, served total 1540)

33. Washington DC (Aug 24) (Pie total 230, served total 1610)

34. Baltimore, Maryland (Aug 27) (Pie total 237, served total 1659, cities visited 29, states visited 32)

35.  Jenkintown, PA (Aug 31) (Miles total 11831, city total 30, state total 33) (Pie total 251, served total 1757)


42 thoughts on “As seen on TV!

  1. Will be thinking of you on Pi Day 3.14
    At Capitol Reef NP near mt hometown, it’s the day they open the pie shop for the saeson. Last year they gave away pie!

    Our local restaurateur bakes 2500 mini pies and he and the staff walk in the Apple Day parade giving them away. Not sure if the new owner will continue the tradition, we’ll find out first Saturday in July. if you want to be in the parade, you can park at the ranch.

    Safe travels.

  2. On your way to or from Boston you might like Northampton, MA – we are right on the Connecticut River, and there are a lot of quietly revolutionary things going on in the town and in my neighborhood. We are next door to a CSA, several neighbors keep chickens, other neighbors do amazing gardening. I’d welcome you to our driveway/neighborhood if you come this way!

  3. I would love to host you in Milford, MA (on rt 495 near rt 90, about 45-60 minutes from Boston, depending on time of day). We have a driveway, bees, and a friendly dog. My daughter is also a big fan of tiny houses, and would love to meet you. I and she work on a local CSA, and would feed you yummy food.:-)

  4. I do have a suggestion/question. When someone hosts you, are you willing to exchange work on their property instead of a pie? There are a lot of seniors and other needy people who could use the help and would more than likely be thrilled to host you and teach you something new.

  5. If you are traveling from Minneapolis to Madison, WI, please stop in La Farge and check out Organic Valley. We love visitors and will give you a tour if you call ahead. I am sure someone could find you somewhere to crash, etc.

  6. I’d have to second noho, you’d love it/they would love it. I hope you can make it to Boston (Cambridge in particular) at some point! Keep up the good work

  7. What a delightful concept! Should you decide to visit the Northern end of Virginia I am located in Loudoun County (wine, horse and farm country). Drop me an email at nicola0621 at gmail and maybe I can set up a host or be of assistance otherwise…

  8. When you comet to DC, we’ll be happy to help in any way. We have a camera too:) This is wonderful, thanks for sharing the pie love!

  9. We’re unsure of our living situation at the moment but if you’re visiting Boston at any point I’d love to take some photos for you guys! You could have them for your blog, and we could put them on ours!

  10. During your New York stay you should stop off at downtown White Plains in Westchester County, It’s about 30-45 minutes north of Manhattan. It’s a main hub for people traveling from NYC to Connecticut hosting 4 malls, a shopping strip, train station, bus terminal and more than 12 colleges in the surrounding areas.

  11. only one place in alabama? you could consider montgomery or troy?:) Keep up the great work you are doing! #faithinhumanity

  12. Come to Grand Rapids! My husband and I will totally host you! Plus, it’s on your way home to Ann Arbor!:-) We could really use some free pie in this city…

    (Also, loved the xojane article!)

  13. Oh man! If you get in Indiana, we would love to see you in Bloomington. We have a great park for pies where we sometimes have Really, Really Free Markets and other events with love and goodness all around.

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